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Hi All ,

I have a Block A where I have a form element with some validations ,  and another block B with a list (name : FromsList) which contains the web Block A. 

Now in my form there are two buttons, update and update All . Update button is used to update one record / perform validations over one form record and update All used to iterate over the list and perform validations for all forms.

Now the problem is I have taken an input parameter of list type(FormsList) in block B and loop through it but still not able to perform the validations over all form records or update all records in one go. Kindly help on this.

Hi! Where are your buttons? 

Where is the validation of a single record?

What List records are you using in the "Update All" validation?

In the answer to this question can be the solution



Hi Maria ,

My Buttons are in Block A (Child Web Block) and validation for single record and list is being done in the actions update and update All . Those two actions also reside in Block A. I am using a list of type Grid Data(which is a local variable and feeding the data from API to the parent web Block). 

Hello, could you detail more, with some prints to understand and better and thus be able to help you?

Hey Arpit! could you share your oml?

Hi Guys, 

Won't be able to share the oml file here as per security reasons. Let me explain the use case a bit better.

Child Web Block holds a form and that web Block is used inside a list in parent web block. Now want to validate the form fields for each of the list records . The validation logic is inside child block but unable to get the reference of all form instances (I means each form records in the list) to run a loop and test the validation logic and update the form data.

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