Dropdown Items (Custom) not overflowing when inside an Accordion
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.14.12 (Build 59645)

Hi, I am using a dropdown (with its content being Custom since I need to put an image in the list) inside an Accordion.

Problem is when I open the dropdown, the items does not overflow outside the Accordion (see image below, I have 5 options in the dropdown but only 3 are showing)

This only happens when I set the dropdown to Custom. I tried to use some CSS like z-index, position, overflow to the dropdown item (expression) but no luck. Hope someone can help. Thanks!

I've attached the oml file for reference.


Hi Ken,

Apply the css  overflow: visible !important;  to the parent container of dropdown.

Check the below image.

Below is the link for working sample


Bets Regards



It worked! Thank you

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