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I have a number of Enterprise (private) IOS and Android apps created with OutSystems 11. We are wanting to change our URL (host name) to our OutSystems server (OutSystems Cloud hosted), which of-course means we will need to regenerate all the mobile apps. I am wanting to simplify the upgrade process for our users by providing a message to the user when they open the app saying the app must be upgraded and redirecting them to the NativeApp install page in the updated URL. My questions are as follows:

1. Will the already installed apps (the ones on the old host-name) still load after the URL is changed or will the app just immediately fail because the old url is no longer responding?

2. Assuming that the old app will still at least load on the mobile device, what is the best approach for doing this check and message? As obviously any calls it makes to the old server will probably time out?

Note that these are private apps (IOS Enterprise and Android) and I do not have a separate private store or MDM so I will need them to update from our OutSystems server.


For above scenario below can be an approach : 

In old application, add one popup it will open on application launch only. Force user to install the new application, provide the new application URL to download. Whenever old application get launch this popup must appear on the screen before user takes any action. By this way user will not be able to use old application at all.

Hope it helps.


Thanks Vikas, that sounds like a good approach... I'll probably do something like...

1. First check for an anonymous page on the new URL with a fairly quick timeout (HTTP 200 = New URL active)

2. If the new page IS NOT active then carry on as normal

3. If the new page IS active then launch the "Must upgrade now" button with link to NativeAppBuilder page

We also want to do this and I foresee several issues after the URL change. These have all to do with the associated SSL certificate. Since you change the host name you also need to upload a new SSL certificate with the correct configuration. Getting a SAN certificate with your new URL (domain owned by you company) and the old URL (domain owned by OutSystems) is almost impossible to do. I have found no certificate provider that is willing to accept a SAN like that since they can't verify ownership with a single party (the requester).

But what will happen (in theory) if we just add a certificate with our own domain name? I think that this will cause all native apps to fail because they can't create a secure connection anymore. Therefor are unable to get new updates or get or send new data. This will render the current install base useless and will cause an influx of support tickets or loss of users. A new version needs to be installed to fix this. This can take days for apps in the public store due to the processes of Apple and Android. It will take several hours for private stores. 

For web applications all users will get the prompt that the certificate is not to be trusted. But most browsers allow the user to get past this warning so they can continue working. They will need to update their bookmarks though. 

Worst of all, it's almost impossible to test this beforehand. 

So I'm also looking for experiences regarding this. If anyone has these, please share and should you perform this change then I'm really looking forward to your experiences. 



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