How to get userID from URL?

Hi, I'm new to Outsystems and I'm working on a traditional app that sends an email after a user registration with a link to activate its account. I'm having difficulties with the activation part, because I don't know how to get the user ID. 

It's a simple landing page that just informs the user that its account is active and has a button to login. 

Can someone shed some light on this? Thanks

Hi MF,

Are you sending the UserID in activation link as a query string parameter If yes than

you just need to add input parameter to the page same as the query string name 

For ex

In above URL query string name is UserID and value is 12345

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Hi, Devendra! Thank you for replying. 

I Was trying something like that early, but I think I am missing something in my preparation. I have an assign with that variable and GetUserId and another with a variable User for the Is_Active = True. 

Hi MF,

the solution above works but doesn't provide security since anyone can open that screen and start validating emails by just passing regular Id numbers.

Check this article to learn how to do it safely:


First time seeing someone share some work that I did 💕 Feels great José Gonçalves, thank you 💕

Also, @MF RM is also referring to the document links to the forge asset that I create to show what I did to write the documentation and to show how it is done.

Kind Regards,


Olá, @José Gonçalves e @Márcio Carvalho

Thank you for your answer.  Can I use this solution for traditional web? I will save the links for the future, just in case. 

The solution is for Reactive but you can reuse the code for Traditional Web without many changes, if any.

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