I have a question about Outsystems quiz about database entities
Application Type

can anyone explain me, why the answer B is wrong?

Hi all,

That is not correct José, you can have entities without an identifier attribute:

But you cannot have an entity without attributes, so you need to have at least one:

In the end entities (tables) have attributes (columns).

Edit 1 - fix the mix of use between entities/tables nomenclature.

Edit 2- just for the record and some context, José Gonçalves deleted its post where he was stating an identifier attribute was required.



I misread the question so my answer was not right, that's why I deleted the post that was useless.

I do not agree, if something was wrong you should own it and state it like you have done it here now.

Deleting it and letting my post making no sense or creating confusing is not helpful in my opinion...

We all make mistakes and we can learn from them ;)

Hi, the B is wrong because the memory that the question is referring to is on the user side, where the client variables are stored.
The entities are always stored on the server as tables, that can be created, updated, or deleted, as stated in option C.

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