How To create dropdown in Outsystems easily?
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How To create drop down in Outsystems easily?

Using entity.


Kindly first go through  below outsystems react training that will better help you.

Please find below steps to add a drop down.

1. Create Entity 

2. Enter some records in it

3. Drag and Drop DropDown Control on screen

4 Add a Aggregate of the newly created entity to the screen

5. Assign the List Property of DropDown via Aggregate  return list

Attached is the oml.



Try like this.



There is a widget dropdown in RWA for which you just have to drag and drop that on your required screen. Then you have to enter following  properties for that:

1. variable- in which it can store your selected value.

2. List: from which your data will come.

3. Option text: This property decides what to show at user end(particular attribute which we want to display)

4. Option Value: depends upon the requirement. Like if you want to store same attribute at backend then that will be selected and if Id only you want to store then Id attribute will be selected.

I hope this will solve your problem.

Best Regards

Tanisha Mahendru

Please find below steps to add a drop down.

1. Create a static Entity 

2. Enter some records in it

3. Go to Interface tab  create 1 screen and add static entity to screen

4. Drag and Drop DropDown button from tools and fill the details in property window

Hi Subhash,

You can follow the below link for creating a drop down in Outsystems.


Supriya Madkar

@Subhash T 

Hi, Please find below screen shot for reference.

1. Create Entity or Static Entity based on your requirement. I have created Static Entity.

2. Create GetEntity aggregate to get the list of all records, which needs to populate in dropdown.

3. Please select Text and Value from the list, as shown in screenshot.



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