How to create Login screen? Example for Username and Password

How to create Login screen? Example for Username and Password.

And what will be the logic simple logic for that?

Please suggest

Thank you.

Hello Subhash,

Could you please explain in little more details what are your requirements.

Whenever you create new application web, reactive or mobile. OutSystems automatically create Login screen for you In common workflow. You just need to create new application, one default module get created automatically. You can make any customization on this screen as per your requirement.  All login logic is also written here, you don't need to do anything until there is not any specific requirement.

Apart from this for username, password are the field from System-> User table and both are of  text type. For creating new user into the system you just need to call CreateUser() server action in your logic.

Yeah, i wanted to create login screen with some attributes like username and password field using some  logic which will retriviewing from database if the user exist or not.


You don't need to when you create an app the app template already provides this. As soon as you deselect the anonymous role on a screen on first time a login screen will be showing that only allows users defined in the Users application of OutSystems, to login.

But the problem is I'm not able to see the Login screen.

I tried to add dependency to workflow but it is not working for me.

Please suggest

Thank you



If you don't get a login screen, then most likely you have checked the anonymous role on your screen(s).

Hi Subhash,

Its already there UIFlows>>Common>> Login  please see below image

If not than may be you are create a blank module. Create Reactive Web App instead of Blank module,

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