Regarding ID to take exam online

I'm planning to take the Mobile Developer exam online from Japan.

Regarding the ID documents that I need to take the exam, I heard that IDs written in Japanese are not acceptable.

I have my passport but it's expired.

What kind of ID should I prepare? Do I need to get a new passport, or is there anything else I can use as my ID?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Hiromi,

You can use any government ID like Driving License which has your name with your photo and expiry date.

Hope this helps,


Hello Komal,

Thank you for your comment!

My driving license is written in Japanese, so probably the person who will check it won't be able to read it.

I'm wondering if I need to prepare something written in English.

It's rare for me to use my passport, I usually use the ID from my country, and you should use that.

But if you need really trustful answers, you should ask on the help chat, even for other questions.

Hi Márcio,

Thanks for your advice!

My IDs are all written in Japanese, so I wasn't sure if I can use them.

I will ask on the help chat above. I appreciate for the URL!

They usually are fast to answer, just wait a couple of minutes and someone will be there to answer your questions :)

If you have everything in Japanese, maybe someone who can read Japanese will help you! :) But ask for that on the help chat.





Márcioさんの言う通り、公式に問い合わせるのが確実ですが、私の経験も共有しておきます。住民基本台帳カード(日本語のみ)で何回か受験しました。なにも言われずにOKだったときと、オペレーターから英語の身分証明書ありませんか? と聞かれたときが両方あります。

英語の身分証明書ありませんか? と聞かれたときは、これしかないと主張して認められましたが、もしかしたらこれはオペレーターによるかもしれませんので、日本語の身分証明書しかなければ問い合わせるのがやはり確実です。






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