How to put two images in the same entity
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 I'm making an application app, the person who is going to apply needs to send a face image and a body image, but the entity doesn't allow two binary data.... 

How can I do this?

Hi Ana,

As mentioned in your previous post, you can create a new static entity called GenericField with attributes label (Face photo and Body Photo )and Filter code (Face photo =1 , body photo=2) which defines the images in your main entity, 

Add foreign key of static entity into main entity and add input parameter to the upload doc module of filer code.

The data type of the input parameter will same as the data type of Filter code (Attribute of GenericField entity) in my case i have used text the filet code is in numerical format. Like for face Photo 1 and for body photo 2

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Where do I put the filter code?

Here is the screen shot,

two entites, and main screen which contains upload doc block with input parameter filter code,


Hi Ana,

For this type of scenario you can go with Extension table(one to one relationship). Below is the link for the same -



Hi Ana, 

In your main entity suppose Person Entity, you can have FaceImage attribute to save one binary file. and for another, what you can do ,to just have one more entity , which has the same Identifier of your person's entity. then you can have an attribute to the newly created entity of type binary data, which you can name BodyImage. This newly created entity will act as an extension entity of your main entity. I have shared one example with you. Please refer 

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