Accessibility and the screen reader
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Traditional Web, Reactive

I'm working on accessibility and the screen reader on a search form.

The screen reader reads all the form labels and text fields when the user tabs on the keyboard.

When there are no results found from the search, I want the screen reader to announce the aria-label of the "No result to show" immediately without the user tabs on the text.

Thank you

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The accessibility screen-reader only ready the aria-label tags of the texts.

Hi Khaled,

Use a boolean variable and set it's value to true when no result is retrieved from search and in the extended properties set the aria-label = If(IsNoDataFound,"No Data Found","")

@Arpit Arora Do you in the Form properties?

Click on the form, go to the properties panel and in the below you will get extended properties.

I already have No data found displayed, the screen reader for blinds doesn't announce it till you click on it.

I want when no data found displays it automatically says it.

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