Show confirmation alert message on toggle change in Reactive application
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Hi All,

I'm a newbie in Outsystems working on a toggle functionality where I wanted to show the confirmation alert message while changing the toggle (Active/Inactive) toggle. 

You can see the image for reference. 

Hi Prince,

take the onclick event of the toggle widget and in the event handler add the below Javascript Code.

window.confirm("Are you Sure to Change?");

Thanks for the reply, Arpit. I have used this but how can I handle Save and Cancel button functionality? Currently If I click on the toggle the popup comes with Save and Cancel button. If I cancel the popup and again, I tried to change the row with toggle that time the status is changes and row data is updated. So How can I manage this thing.



Hi @Prince K ,

If I understood correctly to you want take some action when click on popup button.

I have made one oml for you can check and use it accordingly. (screen name is Toggel)

Hope this will help you.


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