How to Implement MultiThreading concept in REST API Methods


I have a requirement in which 5 threads from a server will be calling  Expose REST API(GET METHOD) asynchronously, I want that each thread should processes different data from the aggregate(different current value for different threads) used in the flow and for each thread different response should be sent. Please help me to achieve this.

Hi Amrita,

In the Exposed REST API Method ,we can Implement the logic such a way ,so as to change
Each time running a current value local variable in the action flow and iterating it each time once the flow is Completed and Reset it to 0 after 5.

This way we can send 5 different Sets of data, for Each thread as you said.

Other way is to Have a Request Parameter (1-5),Sending different value in Each thread that you call.

Thanks & regards,
Varada Rajan


Hi Amrita,

What do you mean with "from a server", do you mean an OutSystems front end server?

To implement asynchronous processing use BPT or Light BPT, For BPT a max of 10 parallel processes can run in parallel per front end server. For Light BPT that limit is 20 processes.

For more information about BPT and LBPT see:



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