How do we edit API requests to post a JSON array? It doesn't match the example's one

I want to integrate a logistic API on my application. The POST request body has an array of items that OutSystems does not recognize and it didn't create structures neither include it on the request structure.

{"array_bultos": [ [], { "peso": "1", "largo": "40", "ancho": "35", "alto": "3" } ], 

"stock": [{ "referencia": "ref_001", "cantidad": "2" }, { "referencia": "ref_002", "cantidad": "1" } ], 

"valor_mercancia": 0, "contenido_envio": ", ", "contrareembolso": 0, "cantidad_reembolso": 0, "seguro": 0, "dia_laborable_automatico": 1, "importe_seguro": 0, "dropshipping": 0, "codigos_origen": "41015", "poblacion_salida": "SEVILLA", "iso_pais_salida": "ES"}

In this case, the request structure begins at "valor_mercancia"

But I need to introduce the dimension's values to create the shipment.

Thank you very much


Hi Pablo,

The problem seems to be the nameless, empty, array that starts the first element of array_bultos. If you remove that, creating a Structure from the JSON works fine.

Your import of the API method must have generated a structure in the Structures folder, in the Data tab. Usually it's named SomethingSomethingRequest

You can edit this structure but bear in mind if you end up with a missmatch of data structure, the endpoint you're posting this to might reject it.

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