Download file in Mobile App


I have a screen with a list of files that display a filename. When I click on an item, I want download the current file. This list is stored in DB and has binary files.

 I am using "Save File" function of File plugin but it's not working. It's my first time using and developing this type of functionality and I don't know how to do it.
Could be the path that I am sending to function or am I using the wrong function to download the file?

I am putting here a sample of code that I did.



Hi Gonçalo,

Thanks for the oml file. Since you want to download the file, shouldn't you be using the FileTransferPlugin?

 According to your oml, in your 'Donwload' action, you're just saving the file in a directory, not downloading it. Have you tried to use the download functionalities from FileTransferPlugin?


Thanks for the reply. I try use FileTransferPlugin, however, when I click on item to download it, it goes to another screen with the text "there was an error processing your request" as you can see in the image.
I try to debug it but the action DownloadFile does not retrieve any error.

I updated the oml file with the new action to download the file.

What am I doing wrong?


Hi Gonçalo,

Without you _CS module, we can't try the application and test it. But from what I'm seeing, are you sure you have the right URL for the 'DownloadFile' node? I can see that you have it hardcoded. Have you tried using the 'GetFileURL' action, or is there some reason for using a hardcoded value?

Hi Laura,

I put here the link with all modules, the CS, the frontend that I use to upload files to DB and Mobile App.

This is just a sample, I made this application to test the download component and then implement it in a real application.

Here is the link: Outsystems Modules

Thanks for the help

Check this post. To see if you find anything useful. There are some possible errors of security that maybe are not letting you download the file to your mobile.

You can also try to see how it is done in this component. Just a way to see how it is built.



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