New Video: OutSystems Crash Course - How Do I Get OutSystems?

Happy to announce the long-awaited debut of our latest video series, OutSystems Crash Course. In this first episode, we start very basic..."How Do I Get OutSystems?": 

Please share with folks who might need this first and most basic step, and we welcome suggestions for future episodes. Enjoy!

I'll share...


Great Work!!


Relevant content!

Very Useful & imp points!

Best video to get start with OutSystems low code platform.



Great content as always. 

Question - why it says E0.5? Where can rest of the episodes in the series can be found?

0.5 because it's kind of important before we get to the rest of the episodes (starting with episode 1 which released this week).

The rest of the episodes are still on the way, so stay tuned, and make sure you're subscribed to the channel! 


very useful !!!

great job

This looks very promising, I'm really looking forward to more as I'm still learning OutSystems.  

It'd be great if you made this an ongoing resource, like Figma does with their youtube channel (everything you need to learn it is on there, and they also do new tutorial videos for each new feature they release, it's one of the reasons for their accelerated adoption in the design community over more established players like Sketch).

The plan is for this to be an ongoing series, and we welcome suggestions of topics, here, or in the comments on the videos.

Very Useful.

Great, this video will be helpful for freshers!! 

Good one

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