Migrating custom conditional approval flow to BPT

I'm working on Traditional web application designed based on approval system. In existing app approval flow setup using custom/conditional based logic handling. Here I'm thinking about migrating custom conditional approval flow to Outsystems BPT. 

When I was analyzing impact, I've stuck on data migration point. The app has been used by end users from long time & in table many requests records present in diff request states(Non completed sate). So, while migrating from custom flow to BPT - How I can handle those records as for newer request process will be launched. But for older records, do I need to call LaunchProcess action to launch process for every record as part of Data migration activity. I'm not sure will this work or there would be any issues in it.

So, I need help here -  what could be better approach here & will this migration successful or I need to continue with custom flow only.

I think request which are in middle you can choose conditional start in BPT to start from a specific point rather than start from zero. Once data migration done, you can remove those conditional start nodes.

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