how to integrate dialogflow messanger in my outsystems application

hi all , 

So i'm new to outsystems and to web developing and i need to integrate dialogflow messanger to my simple one screen application . i know there is a connector but i don't know how to use it . and when i made my reachers on the web i found that to add the dialogflow messanger there is a code that needs to be added .

the code :

<script src=""></script>

So if someone could help me i would be thankful for him .

best regards .

Hi Sana,

Below are the steps -

1. Create On Ready event in screen.

2. Add below Javascript in ready event.

var scriptNode = document.createElement('script');



3. On screen create df-messenger html tag using HTML Element widget.

4. Messenger available on browser.

thank you vinod you saved me :) 

Hello! I need help as mine is not working

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