Excel update file properties

Did anyone know or implemented any features for updating file properties(author name, comments etc.) of excel in outsystems, I have gone through Forge components but couldn't find any relevant component. I see GetProperties in AdvancedExcel but don't have anything for update properties in that component.

You inputs would really help?

Edit: Attached the screenshot Which I was referring file properties as above 


There are few methods which you can use to update the comments, author details.

I tried using Comment Add action before creating WorkbookBinary Data, but it's not working. I'm not getting what to give RowNumber and ColumnNumber, I gave it as 1 and 1. Please correct me if I'm using it wrong.

Actually using advance excel you can set the author name. Because Worksheet_GetProperties method return object of Worksheet. In Worksheet object there are only below fields mentioned.

So you can set only these properties for any worksheet. But of course you can add the comments using Comment_Add method. In this method row number and column number are the row number and column number of cell where you want to add the comments. 

Hello Vikas,

What Manisha is asking is for a different thing. She wants to know if there is a way of changing the Properties of an Excel file. It is for the file, not the worksheet.



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