Designing a data action

Hi Everyone, i am unable to figure how how to design a logic for a data action to save 



Ui - 


Hi Sheikh , 

I am unable to understand your requirement and also no UI available in your OML file .

 I need to create a data action for the save button.  which includes
copying the id of the table along with the reason of drop down and comments .

My primary concern which is stopping me how to get the id of the table present together with the drop down options and comments 

Have attached the ui module . please have a look . 




Assuming you assign the aggregate output to the output parameter of the data action, the next step you have to do is use the data action output on UI widgets in your screen.



Hello Daniel,
Yes but my concern is to pass the particular claim id such that the data action is able to store the particular - 

Claim Id
Drop Down value selected

Comments written

Decision made - accept/reject

Once that is done i can pass the data action into client action for the button to accept or reject

Hi Saif,

I think you just wanted to save the tested values in to Database? if yes, then you just need to drag and drop the




 depends on your requirement which action you wanted to use. these actions are available in Data tab of service studio.

Please refer this

if this is not what you are looking for, please clear your question/requirement.

hope this helps!


Hello Saif,

Set  your entity i.e  TestCompareRecommendationsDropReason property public to yes in TestModuleCoreV1 module.

Then once again on manage dependency refresh and select the entity, so you will get the create data action.

Your entity TestCompareRecommendationsDropReason is set to private so you are not getting create option.

From your explanation and UI provided by you, what I understand that you want values of below 3 in save action :

1. Reason From Drop down.


3. ClaimId for selected row in table.

If this is the case then you can simply pick the value of reason and comments from their input variables (will be local variables on the screen.)

For getting the claim Id, you can use checkbox on each row of the table. So using checkboxes user will be able to select single or multiple rows as per your requirement.

Now on click of save button, you can get the value of reason, comments and claimIds for which checkbox is selected.

Please let me know it helps to resolve the requirement.

I think reason of confusion is the word "Data action for save". Data action is to fetch the data to display on the screen. On save button you will call the server action via a client action (of save button.)

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