Hi Guys,

When I click on Add new user it gives me password and email field with autofill .How can I avoid these autofill 


The auto completion on input fields is not something OutSystems is doing. It is a feature of your browser that you can enable/disable.



Hello Rohan,

As Daniël mentions, this is a browser behaviour and not something directly related to OutSystems. However, you can try modifying your inputs to give browsers a hint that they should not enable this autocomplete behaviour for specific inputs.

You can do this by adding the autocomplete property with the value "off" to your inputs:

Keep in mind that this is just a hint, and it is up to browsers to respect this behaviour. You should have no issues in the latest versions of most common browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox). There's a good MDN page with more details here.

All through about the hints and so, but that doesn't help for using the OutSystems Users application.

Is it the Users application? The Select Role label made me think of a custom implementation. Pretty sure it's "Phone" and not "Mobile Phone" as well, but I could be mistaken. Maybe Rohan can clarify this for us.

hi rohan

in property window of screen make autocomplete to off

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