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Hi guys, hope you are all well!

I created a simple calculator app for fluid loss at my work, i took off logins as it was a basic 1 page app with no data being held on it.  Now, a few weeks in people are being asked to log in to outsystems, is this something I have done wrong?  



It depends on what is your default screen, what URL are they using, what is the destination of the URL and if you still have the role anonymous active.

Check those points, please!

Thank you for your reply Marcio,

The anonymous role is active, when you open the link you are presented with 1 page (there are a couple of other work in progress pages that have little or no content)

the link is above, I dont know if by me just coming back on to the outsystems website has activated the PWA again as some of the links work again.

If you have the screen with anonymous enable and the users are using that URL, that would work. But do as @Daniël Kuhlmann  said.

If that app is for any User, that means, without any role, in this case just using the anonymous role, I think you would not need to have the Login. If there is an exception or any error, if the user doesn't have a current user id, he will go to the  Login Screen, So, I would advise you to change the OnException flow a bit and change the exception to the Screen you want the user to go to.


That would not be me, I didn't say anything 😄


The URL works for me without login, every time I try. Just make sure all screens displayed have the anonymous role selected. That should be enough.

Hello keith farwell,

The personal environment will go to sleep mode if there were no specified actions that happened for a particular duration.

If the environment is in a sleep mode, the users will get a login for OutSystems to wake the personal environment.

I think you are facing this issue.

Below are the rules to keep your environment online: 

Logs into the platform via Service Center or Service Studio+5 days
Wakes up environment+10 days
Publishes an app/module+10 days
End-User(s) 7+ times in a week+10 days

Kind Regards,


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