Input to other page

How can i go through this page(first page) declaring one of the row as an input to the next page (second page)

what do you mean by input for second page. You can pass parameter from one screen to another screen as input parameters.

you will get value on second screen in input parameters.

Please let me know if there is any specific requirement. 

Although would suggest not pass all values from one page to another, just pass the primary key values so can fetch record again on second screen.

What i mean is, i want to click in one of rows of the 1st table and opens the page bellow of the row that i selected before

Yes, so when you click on any row on first page, just pick the id or some unique key from that record and pass it as input parameters on second screen. Then on second screen using that input parameter you can fetch the complete details and can show on second page.

How can i pass it as an output paremeter on the 1st page and as an input in the 2nd screen?

Please follow my last reply. In this I added name under a link. you can follow this one or you can set onClick on the rowcell as well in same manner.

For getting the value, either there should be some link in the table row. Like below column :

You will create a link on this column, and in the event get the value like below example : Name is under a Link Widget. so its clickable. 

For this link I have set OnClick event. In this event I am passing the UserId as input param.

Now in LinkOnClick, am passing this UserId to another screen. Where we can fetch the user details again using userid.

Please let me know if you are able to implement it.

Hi Francisco, You just need to create one link from one page to another, you can do it just by right clicking on any of the column, say first column and it will ask you to "Link to", you need to choose the second screen there. The inking of screen will automatically be created by Outsystems. If you wanted to pass any parameter to second page just add it to the second screen as an input parameter using correct data type define and according to that you need to make some changes in to the aggregate you are using values to display from. Now it will show you error, then you just need to mention the attribute name with the previously created link, whatever you wanted to pass to second screen.

adding some pics for your reference.

Hope It helps!


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