Is it possible to open 2 diferent pages with the same link, by having a diferent way to click on it?

Sorry but what you mean by clicking in different way. could you please explain it little bit.

Also there is table in screenshot so where you want to click in the table.


Hello Francisco,

An HTML link can only point to one destination. You'd need multiple links, or different logic when clicking on one, by opening a popup to further narrow down where the user is going, for instance.

Could you tell us a bit more about your usecase? Maybe we can suggest an alternative.

Hello Francisco José Ferreira Alves ,

Sorry I'm not clear with your requirement, but you can try the below method.

You can use a link with some parameter to a page or an action, there you can redirect the user to a different page based on the input parameter

Hi Francisco,

I am also not clear with your requirement, can you please elaborate ,what you need exactly, possibly with a supportive example.



Hello Francisco.

Your requirement is not clear. Link has only one destination, but if you link the expression to screen/client action, based on the condition it is able to locate 2 destinations 

Hi Francisco, 

As per my understanding we can open 2 different page on a Link based on the condition.


If status approved than open Page 1 onclick of view 

status rejected than open Page 2 onclick of view.




I understand you  requirement .

It is not  possible to open 2 diferent pages with the same link becouse  every link has a only one destination


Hi mate,

there is no wat by which you can navigate to two different destination by clicking same element. 

But you can temper it as I can see you Screen shot you can link destination on clicking text and another on clicking container containing that text ( Not a proper solution just a tempering if you want)



The only way to do something similar to what you need is to have a list with the onClick on the line (for example) and a text with a link. So if you click on the text you go to a place and if you click in the line you go to aother. You can use a card to have the same effect.

Hi Francisco José Ferreira Alves,

yes, it is possible to open different pages by clicking on the same link in a different way (like single click or double click) but the challenge is, if you bind both events then for double click event it will trigger the single click event as well so as a solution I implemented the same thing with the help of JS to prevent the single click when someone doubles click the link. 

I have attached the OML file as well for your reference. Check the behavior with a single click or double click on the link.


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