[AWS Cognito User Pools Connector] Redirect URL issue in AWS cognito User pool connector
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Hello All,

I am using AWS Cognito forge Component to implement signup and login functionality,

I configured all setting in console as well as in forge component.

I am getting login screen to signup and login 

but after giving credentials to sign in, page is getting redirected to given URL but showing error.

after login

login URL:

Login URL

What can be the reason for this? do I need to anything for this.

Please have a look on this.

Thank you.


Hey Saikumar, 

If you take a closer look at the URL, before the code parameter ("?code") you have an additional "/" .

In your configurations this is the redirect_uri:


Try to delete the last character and append ".aspx" at the end


The same should be setup on AWS Cognito's side, here:

Let me know if it works.

Kind regards,


Hi Lorena,

Thank you for responding, 

yes, you're suggestions worked exactly here.

but I noticed one more issue 

My request getting failed here with 400 bad request exception.

what can be the issue here?

Could you suggest any changes here.

Thank You.


Hi Saikumar,

After the callback the oauth APIs are called.

All of the REST APIs in the component need to be changed with your custom endpoints.

To get more info about the services themselves the documentation is here: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/cognito/latest/developerguide/cognito-userpools-server-contract-reference.html

Kind regards,


Hi Lorena,

 I understood about this auth API callback,

But these custom endpoints are already defined, in the above request i defined grant-type, code, URI, and id.

is there anything else I need to specify here?

Hope you understood my question.

Thank You.

For every API you have to update the base URL according to your client's data.

For this one for example the structure is: https://{domain}.auth.{region}.amazoncognito.com

Hi Lorena,

Thank You very much for helping. I am very happy that you clearly Explained my queries

One Small Query:

I am having one issue here, without suing  this the validate access token server action it is working fine,

but while using this action giving exception,

I also customized server action as well

what can be reason here?

Thank You.

What's the value of Session.CognitoDomain?

The expected issuer property should follow the format:


Also check the URL of the GetJWT service, it should be modified with your values to follow the convention:


Hi Lorena,

do I need to change base URL as well?

1) Session.CognitoDomain : 


2) JWT service URL : is also changed,

3) and Base URL region changed to mine.

but still I am getting same exception error.

What is the error stating (in service center)?

This error I am getting in service center

Your issue is with the GetJwks method consumed from the rest api. Are you sure you modified the url there? The url of the method itself, not only of the service

Hi Lorena,

I got my error actually I defined pool id wrong previously. 

Now working fine for me,

Once again thank you very much Lorena,

very helpful thread for me.

Thank You.

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