Avoid duplicate data entry

Hi guys,

I am having 2 fields,

1) Performance From date

2)Performance To date


Performance From date= 1 Jan 2021

Performance To date= 1 Apr 2021

And If I try to add new record between Performance From date and Performance To date

i.e  Performance From date = 2 Jan 2021 

     Performance To date =2 feb 2021

then it must should my an message.

How can I do this???

See the .oml send an updated .oml


Hi Rohan,

I think it will be a simple check. Like when you entering a new record in database so before entering the record in you can check this condition

NewFromDate>= DatabaseFromDate and NewToDate<= DatabaseToDate. 

Using above you can change that new range is between already given range or not and accordingly you can show the message to user.



Send me an updated .oml

Hello Rohan 

Use this in client action you will get the answer


Send me an updated .oml


Hi Priyanka I have see the .oml but it is not working for all the values

Like I want to compare the date of local variable with all the values in database .

Hi Rohan 

Would explain me the actual requirement

hi Rohan

Employee.PerformanceFromDate > Fromdate and Employee.PerformanceEndDate < Todate
use this in search filter you will get the answer

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