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Hello everyone,

I have an Xml file saved as an Outsystems Resource and it has 2 tabs;
the first one receives some data as inputs and the second tab calculates results based on those inputs.

What I'm trying to achive is to write those results in Outsystems as entities, but when I try to convert my resource to a list the system slows down and I got the error "The operation has timed out"

I'm pretty sure I cannot (or maybe should not) convert a resource to a list but I'm running out of ideas....

In the image below you can see the basic flow I have done where the resource is used; in summary, I write data in tab 1, read results in tab 2, write those results in an entity.

Got any suggestions?



In your Manage Dependencies, search for "XML" and there is an extension that will provide many of the utilities you may be looking for.

Hi @Asher, 

thank you for your reply and sorry for my late answer. I've built an oml file to let everyone who would like to help a better understanding of the issue.

Basically this is the OML structure:

we have a single page in which there's a Form (I'm assigning some sample values in preparation), a Table Records and 3 buttons (Launch Test, Download Excel, Delete Records).

If you click on Launch Test button the Form values are passed as inputs to the Calcola_Piano_Ammortamento action which uses Template.xlsm file (which is stored as a resource).

This file is made of two tabs: Foglio1 and Foglio2

In Foglio1 we write the form inputs, in Foglio2 we read the results based on those inputs.

What we are trying to achieve is to write those results in an Outsystems Entity called Piano_Ammortamento_Riga but we are facing several errors:

-The process is very slow (and it often goes in TimeOut)

-The data that are written in the Piano_Ammortamento_Riga entitie are not all correct (they should be the exact results present in the Second tab of the excel file)

Got any idea?


Okay, if I'm understanding this correctly, you want to put inputs into the boxes, pass those to an entity, and make them available for download and/or read?

This would be my solution to your problem: Create a structure, utilize the structure to populate your entity. Leverage your entity to populate an excel spreadsheet for download. 


Hello Asher, 

thank you for your reply.

No, actually the solution you provided is not what I'm looking for.

The procedure would be into these simple steps:

1 Compile the form (or use the data that I have already assigned in the preparation)

2 Click on the Launch Test Button

3 See the Tablerecords under the form compiled by the results that are read from the Second Tab of the Xlsm File


The Download Excel button purpose was allow you to compare the data you have in the Table records with the ones calculated inside the excel file. Thats it, nothing more, nothing less.

Thank you for your time and support

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