[Hierarchical Tree(Organisation chart)] How Do you use the component
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Forge component by Ellakkiya.S
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11.14.13 (Build 59808)


This looks like an awesome asset. 

Is there any documentation on how to use this component? 


Hello nisaar isaacs ,

Thankyou for using this component

you can refer the demo oml  attached in the component.

If there is any further question please let me know

Thanks and Regards,


Hi Ellakkiya.S, 

It looks like an awesome component!!

Please excuse me, I am new to this. 

I have tried to build it from scratch, trying to replicate the demo. I have tried replacing the data in the Demo with my own and I still cannot get it to work. 

Please can you explain to me how I can use the component? I have attached my oml if you could be so kind to tell me where I went wrong? 




Hi nisaar isaacs,

Key for this component is correct data

can you please take a look of attached oml

Thanks and regards,



Thank You Ellakkiya.S for this awesome component. I received an answer for my issue from Benjith Sam for what I thought was an unrelated issue. The issue was caused because of the hard-coded div/container Id referenced in the initialization JavaScript node defined in the HierarchicalTree CW block implementation. 

This component is awesome, thank you so much for your efforts!

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