Remove duplicate entry from aggregate list.
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Hi All,

I'm having an issue where I have some data in aggregate from which I'm taking the sum of two values and showing in an expression but in UI that sum comes multiple times as you can see in the image below

How can I restrict duplicate data here? Because In the Aggregate result I'm getting 2 records But TaxValueSum should call only 1 time. 

Hope you understand the problem. Any help will be appreciated.



Hi Prince ,

How many records are there in your Aggregate ? Can you give a screenshot of the aggregate data ?

Thanks for the reply, Suprio

There are 2 records in my aggregate. 

Hi Prince

If the expected result is only one record than you can Set  Max record of aggregate to 1

other approach is you can use ListDistinct in built method to get distinct Record

Best regards


Thanks Devendra,

I have tried both ways but the result is still the same.  

Hi Prince,

I think everything is ok with the aggregate.

The problem is in the UI. You say the value is duplicated because it's being assigned in 2 different expressions (GST 7% and Amount Payable). Why don't you remove of one of the lines? In the end, the sum is correct (173.35)

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