How does a workflow module fit in the architecture canvas?

Architecture dashboard automatically classifies workflow modules (_WF) as end user modules.

This results in architecture violations as some of my _WF modules are providing services. An example is a conditional start that is set to public such that this can be triggered from the front end (the Backoffice). See attachment.

Am I really violating important architecture patterns or is this the right set-up, but does Architecture dashboard not know how to analyze this?

The only idea I can think of to avoid this finding is to add an attribute 'IsRejected' to the process entity for example and update this value from the backoffice and launch the conditional start OnUpdate instead of triggering it from the Backoffice.

But I would like to hear some other thoughts on this issue!


If there are no screen, then you can reclassify it to core instead of end-user

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