Usage of an ORM (Entity Framework) as a way to query a database?

Hey guys,

Is it possible to connect and use an existing ORM (like .Net Entity Framework) to the default Outsystems database/another database via an Extension and custom C# code?

Has anybody tried this? Why would it be/it would not be a good idea? 

I have created an idea for the feature to be implemented as a built-in and supported by OutSystems:

Hi Borislav,

You can indeed create an extension with custom C# code that would use Entity Framework libraries to do CRUD operations on an external database. I'm not sure if there is already a Forge component for that, though.

I think OutSystems opts for the most generic and vanilla database language, which is a variation of T-SQL. Even though Entity Framework is powerful, it is still not an industry-standard library, and some people prefer libraries like LLBLGen over Entity Framework. On the other hand, the generic T-SQL is known by almost everyone that needs to work with databases. 

An official extension would be nice though, so I upvoted your idea :) 

Thinking about it, if we just use a normal extension and map the Database Entities via a plain Database first approach:

1. The extension would need recompilation after each change in an Entity

2. Without some form of custom mapping, it would work only for this environment (because each environment potentially has different Database Table names in the real Database)

This will make it somewhat cumbersome, if it is not supported from the platform itself in any way..

Am I missing anything?

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