Call a stored procedure returning multiple datasets

I have to call a SQLserver stored procedure that returns three tables with different columns. I defined the three structures matching the outputs.  Then, added to the Output Entities/Structures the tree output structures, but the response to the test call is: "Database returned the following error: Column count doesn't match output structure attribute count".

Note that if I put only the first structure then it works and returns the first table only.

How can I get also the other result tables?


Hi Mauro,

I have created a sample c# extension project to Call a stored procedure that is returning multiple datasets. Please find the attached extension for the same.

1. You need to create a database connection string in service studio.(Below is the screen for the same)

2. You need to change connection string name, stored procedure name and input/output parameter in this extension project.

You can refer below course for Extending Logic with C# Code -




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