Column chart multiple series fetch the values from first row only
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I have three question related to column chart, not able to find another question that helps me get answers for them.

1. I have multiple series' column chart, but the values that are feteched are from the row where ID = 1. Even though,  I have created multiple data points (6 for Created and 6 for Closed parameter) but it still plots using same values. (find entity below in 2nd point)

2. Below is the entity that I used. How can i pass the attributes name as the "Label" in the column chart. As you can see I had to manually type in the text. Is it possible to get them dynamically?

3. The above table looks like a matrix, which makes it difficult for me to plot values on chart by passing the label, value and dataseries name. for eg: closed -> nov_21 = 169, created -> mar_22 = 243. but when I plot the entity on column chart, it picks only the row where ID = 1 which is Created parameter and the preceeding column values.

I think i'm missing something. Please help me to understand the situtation.

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HI Aman,

I don't understand why you have separate month attribute for each month. It should be only one generic column "Month" and you can then easily assign the value to the Label

Please check out put in URL

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Hi @Devendra Singh Baghel ,

Could you please attach the screenshot of the used entity as well ? 

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Hi Aman,

Attached is the oml . 

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Hi Devendra,

It didn't help much, but thank you for the help.



Hi Aman,

Are you going to create attributes for each month. Is it like every month the data entity would change?

Hi Devendra,

Attributes will be created dynamically, but 6 months at one time. not more than that.

And yes the data entity would change. For eg: If I see the chart today (April month), it would include March month as the last attribute. If I see the chart in June, May should be last attribute. so it is dynamically changing. but the count would be always 6.

Anyways. I was able to solve the issue with the help of Highcharts JSON. Completely passed the data in it. 

Thank you for the help.


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