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I am trying to disable dates in the date picker but it's disabling one day prior to the actual date. I am doing this by passing the date list in DisabledDates. I also tested it by simply passing currdate(), it disabled yesterday's date.


Disabling dates is straight forward in date picker, could you please provide OML to check what is the issue.


Please see attached OML. Thanks


Hello Nannu ,

This is because it uses server time when you are passing date from server action, OutSystems then converts date in UTC (Universal Time Coordinated).

Lets understand this through an example:
I am from India i.e., UTC+5.30.
If we consider this date 26/04/2022 00.00.00 (data type= date instead of datetime) then OutSystems automatically converts date to 25/04/2022 18.30.00 (in my time scenario)

For this you need to convert UTC to your time zone or use client action which will automatically covert to your time zone

Thanks and Regards,
Akshay Deshpande

Hi Akshay,

I followed your approach but it's still behaving the same. Can you please modify my OML?

Thank you for your time.

You just need to pass the list of date in disabledDates variable. In OML file provided by you I added two more dates to be disabled and you can see in the output that given 3 dates are disabled in the picker.

Please find attached updated OML file for same. If still you face any difficulty to achieve the desired output let me know.


Hi Vikas,

on my screen, it's showing 22,24,25 disabled. Not sure what's going on.

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