To solve timeout issue in the outsystems


As a developer I want to understand the root cause of timeout error in OutSystems so that I can make sure the application is stable.Could you please let us me how to solve the timeout issue.

Timeout issue occur when any operation not completed in a given time interval. So are you facing this issue with APIs or in OutSystems server actions also.

For finding out the issue you should check service center for the different request and their execution time by this way you will be able to figure out where you are getting time out. If you are aware that in which method facing timeout then can check the logic of that method.

If facing this issue in API response, then would suggest increase default timeout.

Please let me know exactly where you are facing timeout issue.


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HI Aboli,

Root cause of time out may be like long running SQL query, loading large number of records in memory, processing large number of records lets says looping through 100K records , some heavy IO file operations , external connectors etc 

So the best practices is to rectify the root cause and not just increasing the time out , Increasing the time out may impact the performance as well as other issues 

Some suggestions 

1. Optimize the SQL queries , Create proper indexes on database

2. Process the data in chunks better use Timer or BPT to process large number of records 

3. Use timers for heavy operations as it runs in separate thread. (for example creating a huge excel file)

4. Data Purging

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Hi Aboli,

Here is a great piece of documentation about timeouts in OutSystems:




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