Replace text for a specific position

Hi , I just trying to make calculator using string. I want to replace a specific text with another text. But when I try It replaces all text.

eg. DisplayString="2+3*9/"

      while using replace function for the last letter("/") with Values("-"). 

       output came like: DisplayString="2-3-9-"

       what I want is: "2+3*9-"

SomeOne help me to fix this :)



why not you using simple replace to replace the / character.


because we don't know which is the last string .It may be either "+" or "-" or "/" or "*". we want to fetch last letter of string and replace with current symbols.

Hi Mohan,

Please use below expression -


Bit working but when we enter another operator for the second time it still remains same -it changes all the operators.

Don't understand what you you want to achieve. Could you please share OML?

yeah sure. check it out :)

above in question....

Hi Mohan,

Could you please check attached oml.

I have changed if condition from DisplayString =  NullIdentifier() to  DisplayString = "".




You can use below function to replace last char of string. Here month = DisplayString


you can see last "/" replaced by "*"

yeah but we enter for second time it changes entire  previous symbols .

could you please share sequence you output which you want after each iteration with an example. Like what is initial input, output after first iteration, output after second iteration.

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