[Ace Reactive Code Editor] In Ace Editor mouse scroll is not working.
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Forge component by Raphael Ranieri
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Service Studio Version
11.13.0 (Build 53353)

Hi All,

This is the demo appplication of this editor here I need to do a mouse scroll instead of doing it manually.

Can anybody guide me how to do it??


Hey Saransh,

Not sure if I understood your problem.

But I think the problem might be 2 things.

1 - It is a CSS problem.

If you are referring to the scroll because the screen is too big. You might want to change the max-height for the ace-code-editor class:

2 - You want to scroll with the mouse in case the text inside the editor is too big.

In this case you can do that by defining a scroll speed in the options:

Let me know if this is what you are looking for or if it is anything else :)



This mouse scroll option I wasn't able to find.

Really thanks @Raphael Ranieri

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