OnException handler logs exception in spite of No 'Log Error' is configured
Application Type
Platform Version
11.9.1 (Build 20359)

I am trying to avoid many some type logged messages in the error log. I set 'Log Error' to No value in the OnException handler action SomeException catch element but each exception is logged anyway. Is there some another place where it can be configured? There is no extension call which exception is always logged but there is just throwing exception programmatically and catch it in OnException handler.

I could be wrong, but I think you need to be very specific about which exceptions are not logged. Remember that Outsystems "bubbles up" exceptions so if you have a specific Exception and set the handler for that specific exception to be "no", you may still get a log from the parent exception of your specific one.

For instance, setting a User Exception to not log will not result in a User Exception log, but the All Exceptions log may still get written. That's where I would start my search.

Otherwise, I would be happy to take a look at your OML or a screenshot of your exceptions settings.

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