How to select specific column in SQL Queries?

I've already created the structures but it still gives me the alert when I use them


Hello Aesmik,

Remove these 4 fields from your structure, leaving only the name :

The number of selected fields must be the same as the number of fields in the structure.

explanatory video:

Hope it helps.


This is the way.

Oh got it Thank you Ango~ Have a nice day!

Hello Aesmik Lee,

The output fields in the structure has to be the same that you gonna use in the SQL Queries. If the struture you gonna use has 5 attibutes, then in the select fields on sql Queries you have to have 5 fields.

I thought I can create as many as I could then use one of them each time lol. It works now. Thank you Bruno. Have a nice day!

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