Need Help I am working on screen where I have taken table record but not Displaying

 Traditional Web Development

I am working on project where I have to modules Instructor and Learner

In learner screen I have to display the lesson list and play the video

Under 1st Container I need to display Youtubelink of Lesson

In 2nd container I need to fetch the lesson list and on click of lesson the video link should play

but as in screenshot I am not able to display the lessons

please help me in this issue.

I am sharing Oml


Hello Pooja, how are you? I used the Iframe component to display a youtube video. In this case, while creating a new lesson, you should not pass just the common url of the video, but with the 'embed' between slashes as image above. I can't try the 'onclick' to change the lesson videos right now, but I hope you can continue it from here. I saw you are setting the current screen as destination, just changing the parameters. Considering it's an Traditional App, I wonder if have an action with Ajax Refresh couldn't be a better solution for your case.

Hi @Pooja Ganvir,

In addition to the above information, you have to make sure the height and width of the iframe same as in the embedding code provided by youtube. If it is less than that, then there is a possibility of not working.

you will get this embedding code when clicking the share button on the youtube

Hello Pooja,

I have worked on exactly similar app and for this similar requirement we created one forge component. Just go through it you will get some other functionalities also: 



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