[Manual Pagination - example] What's the difference between this existing component
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. Hi João. How´'s it going?

Well, actually, there is no difference between the pagination component itself, but in the logic that fills in the properties for the pagination. Generally, paging is done automatically by the platform or through server actions that we do ourselves, however, when you are consuming a service external to the platform, which has no paging feature, such as an XPTO service that returns you 1000 records, but you have a business requirement that specifies that you have pagination every 15 records. In the component example I posted, I made a logic that implements a paging feature, on the client side, which invokes the external service only once, bringing 1000 or 700 or whatever, however, I do paging manually. It was just an example, which I came across and created this implementation. It may not be ideal, but it was the one that suited me in the context I was in. .

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