[Adobe IMS Token Exchange] Optimise PDF file using Adobe IO
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Hi all,

I'm trying to create a user form, which enables users to upload a PDF to a database. I've got this bit working fine.

I'm now trying to optimise the PDF file before it is saved, using the Adobe IMS Token Exchange / PDF services modules, and, can't get past the first part.

In my implementation, I get an error stating "Must include at least one Metascope entry".

I've gone through the demo app, and tried to copy the implementation, but it's proving a bit tough for me....

I see that the Adobe_TokenExchange Server Action requires a Metascope Identifier List, so I'm trying to populate that list before running the server action.

I've tried to copy the IMS demo, and tried to use 'list append' client function to add a metascope record to the list, but it doesn't copy across, I assume because the demo is a service and I'm running a traditional web app. Not sure how to do it in the web app.

It doesn't need to use dynamic credentials, and I will only be using optimize, so I assume that's just the "I/O Events" scope.

I'm trying to get my OML below 4mb, so I can upload it, but would be grateful for any direction in the interim.

Never mind... I've used the excellent Forge asset PDF Helper.

Hi Leigh,

The Metascopes Attribute in Adobe_TokenExchange takes a list of Metascope Identifiers. Metascope is a static entity. For PDF Services you only need the DC (Document Cloud) metascope. You can simply add that to the list (see screen)

But, as you write, if you only need to optimize a pdf then i would also go for a more lightweight component.



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