Hiding Navigation Tabs does not hide the equivalent content
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.14.14 (Build 59901)

Good Day Forums,

I am currently in the process of studying the Navigation\Tabs. Each tabs is equivalent to a Content. 

Right now I am trying to create a situation where some tabs would not appear. I am able to hide the Tab itself but the equivalent content is not getting hidden. 

Attached below is an image of what is happening. The color of the tab is supposed to be the equivalent content color, however upon hiding one of the tabs this is what happens.

Any kind of help/advice will be appreciated thank you.


Hi Pens,

Enclose the tab header item and content in containers and bind the Visible property to a single boolean variable . Please find attached oml and the below URL 


Best Regards



Wow, did not know it was supposed to be that way. I literary am so shocked on its simplicity. 

Thanks for the help Devendra.



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