How to Sync local storage to server
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I am new to mobile app development I don't have a knowledge on syncing local storage to server 

If you guys sent me any demo oml it's better for me to understand  

   Thanks for your help in advance  

There is a Course for that, that shows you how to do the Sync

Basically using the 

Then you just need to call your sync client action that will deal with all the data inside. In this case, will update the storage with the data from the server and will remove/update/create the ones that were removed/updated/create in the storage on the server too.

And when you want to do any action you call the client action created to do the sync, instead of the local entity action.

Careful, there will be some times when you will need to adapt the logic to your use case. This is not straightforward.

ps: don't forget to put to true this sync configuration if you want to sync on login or on online, etc.

Check the OML


I followed those steps but my screen got crash 

I don't know how how to help you with that :D But Have a look at the link that I shared and have a look at what I tried to explain to you, what I shared will not be always this easy, but yeah this is the way to go, you just need then to think about how to do sync with your specific case.

Have a look at this too.*m3zq1p*_ga*MTg4ODIwMjQ2OS4xNjQ5OTIxOTkw*_ga_ZD4DTMHWR2*MTY1MTQwNzA5NS4yLjEuMTY1MTQwODkxOC45#3._Configure_manual_start_of_the_sync



hello @Robo shankar ,

Check out this demo application.

In this application they implemented all the data sync patterns(read,read-write,1-many,r-w conflict etc.)

this will help you to understand how data sync work in outsystems.



Hello  @Robo shankar 

Please find the attached "DataSyncSample.oml"

This will help you to understand how data sync work in outsystems.




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