Verify the data type of a binary file


I have a system where i have to import a file.

But i only can accept the following formats: "rar; .zip; .doc; .docx; .docm; .xls; .xlsx; .xlsm; .pdf; .txt; .csv; .xml" and i am not find the solution for this requirement. Someone can help me? 

I already see the "accept" property for the widget but i am not able to managed that

Hey Pedro,

Take a look at this post:

The file's mime type can be checked on client-side.



I didn't see the mime types. Thank you, it was very helpful

You're welcome, glad you could solve the issue :)

Hi ,

 you can use below forge component for getting file format and apply validation accordingly


CV Sharma  

That was another solution that i test on my personal environment, but in this case, i am not able to use extensions from forge. But it is a valid solution for others

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