[BDDFramework Client Side] What's the REST API URL and parameters for running BDD Client Side tests automated?
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When using the BDD rest API to execute Server tests, the URL used is:


As an example


But what is the URL for the BDD rest API to execute Client tests? It doesn't seem to be:


Because in Postman that gives me this error:


    "SuiteScreen": "",

    "IsSuccess": false,

    "SuccessfulScenarios": 0,

    "FailedScenarios": 0,

    "SkippedScenarios": 0,

    "TestScenarioResults": [],

    "ErrorMessage": "Could not find TestSuite screen 'OrderClientTestSuite1' for eSpace 'ApplicationClientTests'. Exception: The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found."


Have you made build configuration (if it is necessary) in the file that corresponds to this code read? Is the version you're using up-to-date, stable, compatible?

Hi André,

At the moment I'm just trying to call the Client testrunner through the API (using Postman) - so no "build" is involved.

Calling the Server Tests using the ServerURL mentioned above works just fine - and I have also installed Chromium correctly - so I'm assuming that I'm just using the incorrect URL as the Client Tests run okay when running when opening from the Client BDD based test application.

So I'd say that the version is up-to-date (it's the latest version), it behaves stable running through the OS test application - and I'd then argue (since it works through the testapplication) that it's compatible as well.

Br. Allan

Yes, than, it's a possible "using the incorrect URL" as you said or or the URL is corrupted...

The best Regards man...

I did a little bit of digging - comparing the Server tests, which run fine executed through the API, with the Client tests, which are 'not found' when trying to execute them from the API.

This is the IIS directory structure from the Server tests (top one) and the Client tests (bottom one).

The directory of the Client tests are completely missing a "Blocks" directory - and that's at least where the Server tests are run from successfully.

So the API error message of "Could not find TestSuite" for the Client tests make sense to me - they are not stored/generated in the IIS directory (as the Server tests are inside the 'Blocks') directory...

So the question I should be asking is probably "Why are the client tests not generated in the IIS directory?" - What could be missing?

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