Details not getting displayed
Application Type

Creating family member with submit button

 but not getting displayed on other screen

Sharing OML


Hi @Pooja Ganvir 

Could you please add Exception Handling as well as resolve the warning "Security Warning"

You're exposing a database operation in the client side. Validate the data in a Server Action before changing the database.

Add some validations as well so that none of the variables are sent as null and share OML again if you face this issue

Can You please Share the Oml doing such changes

Hi Pooja,

Please check Id and CreateBy Attribute value in FamilyMembers. It contains default value as 0.

You are applying below filters in DashBoardApplicant screen aggregates. So make sure that FamilyMembers.CreatedBy contains logged in user Id -

On SubmitApplicationOnClick you are only creating Family members and on DashBoardApplicant screen aggregates you are using Applicant table.



Thanks Vinod

Hello Pooja,

Details are displayed now
Entity "FamilyMembers" Id attribute was not set "yes" to property "Is Auto Number"

Now we can see data in Entity and Screen
Please find attached OML

Ayush Khare


Records are still not getting displayed

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