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Hello everyone,

Is there any place to get all the list of Date Formats? I need to give the possibility for user to choose his Date Format and this list would be very useful. Or some extension, I tried to find but I didn't found.

Thanks in advance

Hi Paulo,

You have the built in function FormatDateTime() that you can play around.

With that function you can play around the display (few examples bellow)

Hope this helps,

Diogo Romero

Hi Romero,

Yes, I know. But I need a list to present in dropdown for user.


Hi again,

As far as i know there isn't such thing available, but with this buit in function you can create your own list using the currdate() (for example) on a reusable action and display the output as you need

Yes, I know! But I think exists some possibility to get this list with .NET.

I Will sair for some more answers!


Hi Paulo Do You need a list of all format of a given date?

Hello Devendra,

Yes, I need a list with all date format possibility ir some code that give me this.


Hi Paulo 

Use this forge component to get all list format of a given date

This uses  GetDateTimeFormats  .Net function to return the list.

Best Regards


Noticed you published this now. I'll test and let you know.

Thanks a lot

Do you know if it's possible to convert the list in format that OS recognize?

For example: 06/05/2022 - DD/MM/YYYY?


Hi Paulo,

Please check below link in which you can find all supported format by this method.

I think there is no such feature is available nor any forge component. You need to create this type of list yourself.


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