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I want to use the Netherlands BSN Validator for checking value of input field but I'm not getting it to work.

Has anyone a working example?

Thx. Jay

I've managed to go a step further. In the inputfield itself, I'm now getting 'True' when I paste in the field a valid BSN-number. And the notice 'False' when I past in the field a not-valid BSN-number. How can I get this notices out of the inputfield and in a separate message e.g. under the field?

Hi Jay,

Good that you got it working!

Can you clarify what you mean by getting 'True' in the inputfield itself?

Attached you can find an example of how an input field is validated as part of a Form widget. 

If your input field is not inside a Form, you can build a similar logic for your own validation and messages. You can change how the message is communicated, e.g. by popping up a feedback message when the result is False. 


Hi Ozan,

Thx for your reply. I've managed now to use your extension!

I've optimized some things:

1. when user is filling in one or more digits, the invalid BSN warning is showing up. I've put a check on the length of the input, less than 9 digits the warning is not shown.

2. after filling in 9 digits and the BSN turns out not being valid, the warning is not disappearing when filling in a valid BSN. Only after refreshing the screen. I've put an extra assign 'Set input to valid' in the True branch of 'Valid BSN?'.


Good improvements, Jay!

If you are checking the validity of BSN with each input change of the user (in the OnChange event of the input), it can indeed result in poor user experience because it will say invalid BSN up until 9 digits (because BSN cannot be shorter than that). 

So indeed it's a good idea to add a min input length check, if you are doing the validation in OnChange.


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