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Hi all

This table is great and I cannot wait to see where it will go to in the next couple of years. I would like to know if anyone has a suggestion for when the client device is a mobile? The table and interaction with it is great for desktop screens, but the UX is not great in mobile. Something like an automated switch to a card view with the same/similar searching and filtering would be awesome. I was just wondering if someone has a solution to this? 



Hello @Mauritz Zastron 

First of all, thank you for reaching out.

Regarding OutSystems Data Grid Web we have no plans to support mobile devices.
For the reactive version we have some improvements on our backlog but with very low priority since from a UX perspective, using a component like this on mobile will never be ideal so it will never be our focus.
For Reactive, we'll always try to provide the best experience possible on a tablet since that is a more common use case, last but not least we'll always be tight to the capabilities that our provider (Wijmo) can offer to us on this regards.


Hi Gonçalo

Thank you very much for the quick reply. I completely understand that reasoning and it is good to know that we need to start exploring other options rather than waiting for development from the component. I will reach out to our contact at GrapeCity to hear if the Wijmo component has any planned mobile UI enhancements. 



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