[Apex Charts Library] Extra Values in Apex Chart
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Hello there.
I am using Apex to visualise for example, the time of arrival of 4 containers. I would like to see only their respective time (the 1st -green- bar for the 1st container, the 2nd -red- bar for the 2nd container etc) and not all 4 of them in each container. I provide the screenshot below. Do you have any suggestions on how can I have a cleaner chart?
Thank you in advance!

Screenshot 2022-05-09 at 10.25.51 AM.png

Hi Vasilis,

I have created a sample of Apex Multiline chart. Could you please check this sample.


OML Attached.


Hello Vinod :)

4 was an example. I have dynamic data so that EqNos can be up to hundreds. Is there any other more efficient way?

Thank you once again!

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